iGSX Software
Questions & Answer
Using Apple's GSX data
Clients with access to Apple's Global Service Exchange (GSX) service are able to use the API to enrich calls to this endpoint with additional data on device status. This allows clients to look up colour, model, capacity and lock status data from an IMEI, which is valuable. We cannot provide direct GSX access to clients without a valid Apple account (reselling access is not permitted). Once clients have GSX access, we can help them query GSX and augment its data with our own rich set, in a way that supports their own processes for repair or servicing. Clients working with GSX will need to exercise caution where they allow their end-users to access this data, as it must be protected from scraping by numerous "IMEI lookup" tools that exist, which seek to provide this data in violation of Apple's terms.
Do you sell GSX Acconts?
No, we do not sell Apple GSX Self-Servicing Accounts (SSA).
Do you provide GSX Account for rent?
No, we do not rent out Apple GSX Self-Servicing Accounts (SSA).
How fast the order is processed via iGSX Software
An order processing takes as much time as it would take for a specialist looking through the Apple GSX report result. In average, it takes 30-40 seconds.
Why iGSX software is safe for GSX?
The iGSX software includes special protection methods that have been successfully tested under operating conditions. Full automation of the process on the client-side (GSX holder) guarantees account safety.
How many accounts can I connect to iGSX Software?
You can connect as many GSX account as you want. The sofware includes multi-threaded features, so parallelization process ensures equable and rapid order processing.
Do I need to have special equipment to use iGSX Software?
Yes, you need to use a special equipment. The equipment is an integral part of the software that guarantees the process safety for getting and processing Apple GSX Reports. After signing the contract, this equipment will be mailed to you at the address indicated.
Can I manually process orders without any other CMS?
Yes, you can control it in iGSX software web Control Panel. You can also check orders history, GSX Report processing, see which orders are in process and which are in the queue for processing, or canceled.
Can I check my orders history processed?
You can find the history of orders processed through your GSX account in your CP. We provide DigitalOcean dedicated server for your Control Panel.
Can I manually run \ stop GSX accounts connected to iGSX Software?
You can control all your GSX accounts connected to iGSX software through your Control Panel in real time. You can stop, start its work for any account processing orders in single or multi-threaded mode.
Do I need to have any knowledge to be able to use iGSX software?
You don't need any kind of technical knowledge. Our dev team will remotely connect, configure your equipment, setup iGSX Software and provide ready-to-work tool to you. Please, note that you need to have PC with high-speed internet connection on your side to be able to use our software. Please ,check our System Requirements.
Can I connect my custom CMS to iGSX software?
Yes, you can connect any kind of CSM using our API. Our dev team will be happy to help you to connect your CMS to iGSX Software. Please, check our API documentation before starting to use it. If you have any technical questions, please, send the request to our support team!
Can I set up my own settings for iGSX, for example, time of start work, delays between orders, etc?
You can tune your iGSX Software without any technical knowledge. To do this, please, login to your CP, go to GSX account settings and tune options for yourself!
What is the method of payment do you supporting / using?
We use subscription's plan by Stripe and accept all major credit cards like Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, UnionPay, etc. Billing period is 30 days. You can upgrade, downgrade or cancel your plan at any time. We also send reminders via email few days before the next renewal date. Price in the US dollars.
Are you ready to start using iGSX Software?
Our managers will contact you and discuss all the details on how to use iGSX Software conveniently.