iGSX Software
iGSX Software
iGSX Software is the solution to automate Apple GSX Report results getting for iPhone, iPad, iPod, iMac, MacBook & Apple Watch using GSX (Apple Global Service Exchange) Self-Servicing Account (SSA)
About iGSX Software and our mission
Apple Global Service Exchange Report Automation Software

The software provides a powerful solution making it possible to automate Apple Report getting through GSX (Apple Global Service Exchange) via Self-Servicing Account (SSA).

The GSX report includes general information on any kind of Apple Device, like Activation policy, Sold To, Coverage Status & Diagnostic, locked carrier & SIM lock status and more. Also, the software is capable to get GSX open/closed cases & device repairs status.

The iGSX software is a professional tool allowing you to connect Apple GSX Self-Servicing Account to your eCommerce GSM website (DHRU, GSM FUSION, or any other kind of cms). Connect to Apple GSX account via API integration and process orders in both single-threaded and multi-threaded modes.

iGSX Software is designed to bring you profit!

iGSX Software is designed to ease your job and bring profit to you. You can customize the official Apple GSX report, mix and deliver it to your customer in an easy and lightning fast manner!
Explore iGSX Software Features
Human imitation
Human work imitation is the main advantage of iGSX Software. Thereby, this feature helps to protect your GSX account.
Fast API
Connects your online Ecommerce GSM website (DHRU, GSX FUSION, etc.), Repair Shop or Online services via API integration within few minutes.
iGSX Software is capable to process orders in multi-threaded mode by using as many GSX accounts as you want.
Flexible system settings
You can customize the GSX Report checking process to meet your requirements by using flexible iGSX Software system settings.
Control Panel
iGSX Software provides online web Control Panel where you can easily find all the history of Apple GSX Reports processed via your GSX Account. In addition, you can get a statistics as well.
Two-factor authentication bypass
Bypass of Apple GSX Account two-factor authentication is built into the software.
Premium Support
We value each customer and aim to provide the best services for them. Our Support team is online 24/7.
Dedicate Dev Team
Our dev team always works on our software product improvement. All the software updates and maintenance are free for our customers.
How to start using iGSX software?
Its easy to start using iGSX software! You don't need any deep technical knowledge - our support & dev teams will do everything themselves and deliver ready-to-use configured product right to you.
First, you need to contact us to discuss the connection and iGSX Software setup processes. We value our customers and guarantee your personal data confidentiality and safety.
After the agreement confirmation our developers will start to setup the software in your account immediately. Please be patient as it may take few days.
After the iGSX software is set up and run on your end, you can start using it. Our support team will monitor the software stability and performance 24/7.
Our monthly payment plans
iGSX Software monthly plan is a recurring payment plan charging once per month basing on your total GSX thread accounts count. Each monthly plan provides a different level of access to the features and support benefits.
Single-threaded GSX
Connecting accounts: 1 item
price: $899.99*

* for account / per month
Bandwidth: up to 9600 GSX Report per months
Limited Multi-threaded GSX
Connecting accounts: up to 3 items
price: $799.99*

* for each account / per month
Bandwidth: up to 28800 GSX Report per months
Unlimited Multi-threaded GSX
Connecting accounts: from 3 items
price: $699.99*

* for each account / per month
Bandwidth: from 28800 GSX Report per months

The specific amount of bandwidth is recommended to avoid blocking of the GSX (Apple Global Service Exchange) self-service account. The total number of checks can be set independently!

Note: We do not provide or sale any access to GSX Account. We provide software that can safely automate the process of processing and obtaining the Apple GSX Report via GSX Account through IMEI or Serial.
iGSX Software Technology
We have used advanced technologies to create iGSX Software - automate the processes of obtaining information by checking Apple Device through IMEI or Serial
Are you ready to start using iGSX Software?
Our managers will contact you and discuss all the details on how to start using iGSX Software in a convenient way for you.